Sort only sorts page, not entire list

As I am looking at Badge Book with multiple pages, when I select a column to sort by, it only sorts that page of results, not the entire set. Then when I go to the next page, the sort is the default, not what I selected. So, if I am trying to look at % completed, I expect ALL the results to be sorted then displayed by page, so that I see all the low %s first and the 100% last, for example. This is making it very difficult to help girls know what badges they only have one or two requirements left to finish. Or, whatever else I am trying to accomplish.

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Hi Robin,

Thank you for the feedback.

Let me explain the sorting issue. The main problem is that the data in the tables that many users sort are very large tables. The pages, columns, and rows are sometimes in the 10s of thousands of items. For some tables, it would take a very long time to sort. This would create a horrible wait time for users. So a while back our team decided to just filter and sort by the current page a user was on. We know this isn’t an ideal situation. But yes, we are working on a solution for this sorting issue.

I have bumped it up on our tech teams todo list. I will keep this post/thread updated.


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