Spencer's crushing bugs again! (04/08/2016)

This morning we released a number of changes fixing bugs and making minor improvements. Here they are:

1) Money transactions were crashing in certain cases where the user had been deleted.

2) Account setup instruction emails were crashing in some cases. This is fixed.

3) The OA report (BSA) has been improved to include CSV export and more information about each member.

4) The equipment check-in button was misbehaving if you clicked it rapidly (i.e. double clicked).

5) Patrols listed in the badge book are now listed in alphabetical order

6) The rank progress report (BSA) was not dealing with the new & old rank requirements properly.

7) Recording attendance wasn't working properly when you used filters to hide some groups and then used the "check all" checkbox.


Thanks to Spencer for all these bug fixes!


Have a great weekend!


~ Dave

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