Lots of bug fixes... released at 30,000 ft! (4/29/2016)

Thanks to Ryan and Spencer’s relentless efforts, we released quite a few bug fixes this evening. I was on a plane back to DFW from Cincinnati and thanks to in flight wi-fi I was able to review and release the fixes from my airplane seat. I love tech. (Dave sighs contentedly). Okay, here they are:

  1. The filters on the “Record Progress (Bulk)” page now work properly.
  2. Users can now edit and delete their own vehicles.
  3. Users can now load more events on the itinerary section of the dashboard.
  4. The “pay” button was disappearing under certain circumstances for events that required payment. This is now fixed.
  5. When you create a meeting schedule you can now invite everyone.
  6. The calendar wasn’t showing multi-day events that started in the prior month, but it does now!
  7. Emails with copyright symbols were crashing. No more! You can copyright the heck out of your emails now!
  8. We replaced “User Guide” links with “TroopTrack User Community”
  9. When you click on the “Get Help” link, it was forcing you to search even if you wanted to report a bug or suggest a feature. You don’t have to search anymore to see those buttons.

Have a great weekend!

~ Dave