Swagger API Validator Error

When using the swagger API documentation link I’m receiving a swagger validator error message at the bottom right side of the screen (see screen shot below).

It obviously doesn’t affect my use of the API (working great btw…). I just wanted to confirm that I’m not missing access to other areas of the system. It appears the API gives me access to: Achievements, Award Types, Events, Mailing Lists, Offline, Photo Albums, Tokens, User Achievements, Purchasing Awards, User, and Youths.

Is it correct there is no API access to the Money Book, Training Book, Equipment, Library, Vehicles, etc…?


The issue is in the definition of the AchievementEntity type. It defines a field, “achievement_id” as of type “id” instead of (presumably) integer.

After patching that value, I was able to generate a swagger client successfully.