User_achievements End Point Confusion

I’m still getting up to speed. I’ve been experimenting with the user_achievements end points. I get the same results on my own php page and on the API swagger page on trooptrack using the Try This on the swagger page.

These two end points give me the same results which include everyone’s ranks scout through eagle (no palms) even though palms are part of the award_type_id: 999999998. So two problems. 1.Palms aren’t included in a 999998 search, and 2. adding user_id doesn’t limit the search in any way.


Other Award_Types work as expected (This gives me all Merit Badges of a single scout)

This end point gives me what I expected: all of this scout’s achievements including the palms

Am i missing something or is there a reason that putting ranks and a scout id doesn’t limit the search?