The youth member formerly known as Jenny and more! (03/09/2016)

One big change, some new features, and some bug fixes went live this morning. First, the big change:

1) TroopTrack now has full support for UTF8 mb4 character sets. Wait. What? Yeah, that's probably gibberish to most people, but here's what it means: you can now use emoji everywhere in TroopTrack. If you want to have a scout named 🔮you can totally do that. There's going to be a lot of "the youth member formerly known as Jenny" in our futures.

Okay, maybe that's not likely. But you guys use emojis all over the place, and we used to crash unless you used a very specific set of emojis. No more. We are super excited about it at TroopTrack because we hate it when things crash.

2) We can now import Scouts Australia data from Dibbs export files. Contact the help desk if you'd like us to do that for you.

3) The participation tab on the user profile now shows all events the member was invited to whether they attended or not by default.

4) You can now sort files on a user profile by the date they were uploaded.

5) Web pages with no contents were crashing. This is fixed.

6) We have added support for sending text messages to Republic Wireless customers

7) Board of Review Worksheets (BSA only) were crashing for certain scouts. Fixed!

8) Some people don't like the fact that any member can use the email feature to send a message to every member of your unit using the "CC" field. If you are one of those people, there is a new setting you can use to limit the CC list to people they have access to based on their access level. Just go to Manage -> Settings -> Edit Troop Settings and click on the TroopTrack Settings tab. The setting is called "Restrict Emails".