Troop Equipment List

I would recommend the Troop Equipment information be expanded to be a more robust database. The current categories are a start but it still requires managing a separate spreadsheet for equipment.

In addition to the items listed in the equipment area, I would add the following columns:

  1. A record number
  2. Item description - currently there
  3. Unit cost
  4. Year purchased
  5. Year removed
  6. Inventory date to address last time item was checked
  7. Picture - currently there
  8. Quantity
  9. Id# - our troop puts unique Id numbers on our tents
  10. Brand
  11. Model
  12. Size
  13. Location 1 - request at least 2 location fields. This way we can sort. For example, it is in the trailer and located in patrol box 2. This allows us to do quicker sorting on items.
  14. Location 2
  15. Condition - already there



I would like this information too. We want to see what equipment is heavily used, so we can spread the wear across our inventory.

Date purchased and number of checkouts, plus the actual event where the equipment is used, will be important to determine when/what to retire or replace.

Well, I am glad to see I am not the only person looking for a more robust database for the Equipment Tracking Feature, (but I am concerned it was last touched 2 years ago!) My most important asks would be:

  1. Item Number
  2. Memo / Notes field
    I am hoping it would be fairly easy to add a couple of database fields to an upcoming “upgrade”.
    I love the App & the easy online access, please keep developing!!
    Adult Equipment Coordinator

Would also like a way to enter miles used (trailer) for each time checked out, and a text field to enter maintenance, date, type, and cost.

I 100% agree with this!