Troop level restrictions and views onto money accounts?

Is there a way to put troop level restrictions on who can see or modify money accounts? For example, allowing a unit leader access to viewing and modifying all money accounts, but a troop leader could view/modify accounts only within their troop, and a parent could be given access to view troop accounts or all unit accounts…

At the very least, I’d love to have a view of the money accounts for a specific troop instead of the full unit. - With this view, I could get by a little easier in sharing this financial capability among different troops in my unit.

Are you assigning accounts to girls in each troop? I guess we could have a view of money accounts based on a person’s access level, so a Brownie leader could see all accounts associated with any person in her troop. Is that what you mean?


Hi Dave!

Yes, I was planning on having an account for each scout,
and then a troop account. That way, I could keep a record of what each
scout owed and paid - as each troop keeps track of it’s own finances in my service unit - verses the service unit account which is used mainly for high level activities.

Then, I’d like to be able to treat each troop’s Financials
separately. That way, I could narrow my view as a troop leader to
just my troop, instead of all troops in my unit. Make sense?
There are multiple brownie troops in my unit, just to
clarify that the distinction would need to be at troop level and not
scout level!
Thanks for the quick response!

That makes sense. I’ve added it to our to-do list. It is issue #1464.



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