Troop Track App Update

I am curious about how the mobile app is coming along… is it fully functional yet and available for download?

@SRUEDU @KimMeyers

The android app?

Or are you talking about something else?

Hi Matt,

I thought there was also an app for iPhones. Do you know if there are any
future plans? What is the best way for our middle and high school girls to
access TT on their phones?

Christy Westover
Troop Coordinator, MO 3130

American Heritage Girls, Building women of integrity through service to
God, family, community and country for 20 years.

Yes, there is indeed an iPhone app, as well.

I would not have your girls purchase the app though. You can if you would like, but the apps are limited to mostly administrative features. I would either have them log in via mobile browser (safari, chrome, etc.) or desktop. You don’t have to make any extra purchases that way and you’ll have more features and accessibility.

I would not recommend the purchase. About the only thing it is good for is a quick status check. It is view/ read only. Can’t make edits or updates. I only have it to pull up info on trips. It is useless for anything else since you can’t edit. Unless I am missing something.