Troop Track & Trail Life Woodland Trail 2.0

Will Troop Track be supporting Trail Life’s Woodland Trail 2.0 program now that it is released?

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Don’t know anything about it.

Do you have a link or some information about it you can share?

Trail Life is ditching v1.5 ie. so many leaves = 1 branch and so many more leaves after earning the Forest Award = sylvan star. The new Woodland Trail program v2.0 is outlined here.

Awesome. Thank you.

I will get this added this week. Is it okay if I come to you if I have questions?

Sure, no problem. I’m not an expert but will help in anyway I can.

@joshuasanders I am having trouble finding the Woodland Trail program in TroopTrack. Is it called something different? Can you give us a little direction about what award type it should be in? Any help you can give would be great! Thanks!

The Woodland Trail program is Trail Life’s elementary school program for grades K-5. Fox, Hawk and Mountain Lion. They have simply upgraded their existing program (V1.5) to a new version (V2.0)

All of these branch awards are now earned by completing objectives (core, elective, family) and not by earning the leaves that were a part of v1.5

What kind of timeline is expected before TroopTrack will support Woodlands Trail 2.0?

The new 2.0 program is supposed to go into effect after today (starting August 1st) as we are ending the 2016-2017 program year. Of course the 1.5 program will still be needed in TroopTrack a while longer while leaders enter their final awards updates into the system and make award orders.

But very soon leaders will need to start tracking their completion of 2.0 activities in TroopTrack.

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One thought proposed by another in TLUSA:

TroopTrack does not track leaves today as used in WT 1.0 and WT 1.5. It only tracks completion of branches and stars, and when all branches are completed the Forest Award is earned. (Which is not true in WT 1.5, by the way. That’s a bug still in TroopTrack.)

So “maybe” TroopTrack is already WT 2.0 compatible. If leaders track completion of the Steps and HTT themselves (as you did with the old leaf-tracking sheets in WT 1.0 and WT 1.5), then no change is needed. Just record when a branch is complete. Everything else should be correct, I believe.

The only change would be if anyone expected TroopTrack to manage completion of Steps/HTT toward branches and stars too.

Right. Was hoping that TroopTrack would start actually tracking Objectives instead of just completed branch pins so parents know what little Johnny has completed and what needs to be worked on.

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We will have the flexibility to make these changes when the separation between TroopTrack and Trail Life is final. TL keeps extending the agreement and our hands are tied for now.

Thank you for looking into it.

Would be nice if you could change the name of the Pioneering Skills Branch Award to Sports and Fitness Branch Award. That was another change made in V2.0.

I’ve got this same problem, as I know many of us do for Woodlands 2.0 being final and active for the last six months. Since we are paying for TroopTrack, it would be great to this updated and fixed. What do we need to make happen to get it done?

God hates divorce but in this instance I think even he would want to see the separation happen. :slight_smile:

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