Navigator Advancement / Bulk Progress

It seems that we cannot record “sub-components” of Trail Badges in bulk; rather, I can record the Trail Badge being completed in bulk, but not the various individual components in bulk. For example if worked on “Our Flag” tonight, and I want to record completion of items 1,2, and 3 for the boys who were present in bulk…can’t do it? I.e. only can do it in bulk if we completed the whole Trail Badge? Surely I’m missing something. If I’m not missing anything, and I really do understand it correctly, then this is absurd and needs to be improved upon, please.

We just discovered the same thing. My husband is a leader in a TL group and they realized they have to enter each of the boys’ progress individually. I thought we were missing something. He’s overseeing the Hit the Trail and the Woodlands Trail boys. Is there anyway to change this so we can enter bulk stuff for TL? I use it for our AHG troop and it’s one of my favorite features!! I can’t imagine having to enter all the individual boys stuff in TL. My head is spinning!

Hey Troop Track staff and/or TLUSA staff…this issue is really maddening. Is anybody listening?

I am currently working on an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of the individual progress towards Able Trailman rank, and that’s just absurd. Please put some time into TroopTrack here so that we can:
a) Record attendance at a meeting or event en masse (I know we can already do that),
b) Indicate what we accomplished at that event, e.b. Outdoor Cooking 1a,b, and c, plus 1 camping overnight, and
c) Have TT keep track of each boy’s progress towards rank, via the recorded “sub-components” of the activity (e.g. Outdoor Cooking…the computer should sync up the recorded attendance with the activity that we did that…so that it knows that if Johnny was logged as having attended our last meeting along with 10 other boys, then Johnny accomplished Outdoor Cooking 1a,b, and c, along with the 10 other boys who have also now completed Outdoor Cooking 1a, b, and c).

To have to run a spreadsheet on the side is just asinine, in a post Commodore 64 world. Come on, help us out here!

I’m wondering if anyone else is part of an AHG troop and a TL troop. One of the TL leaders said something to me the other day about TL being on a “lite” version. My AHG troop pays a yearly subscription fee that our TL group does not. Is this part of the issue? Just trying to figure out if our TL group needs to pay for a “full” version or if theirs is just that vastly different from what I can access in my AHG world.