TT not adding Achievements

I am unable to add some achievements for my girls. Example: I was able to add the Mother/Daughter Patch for one of the girls, but not another. This is happening selectively throughout the day. At one point I was able to add a bulk progress, but only for tenderhearts, not if I included other levels. I do get a error screen sometimes, but others it just seems to not save the achievement at all.


I am not able to add achievements through Bulk Report Progress right now. I just get an error message when I try to save it.


Same problem as KarenW.
Can’t add achievements though Bulk Report Progress. Error Message says

We’re sorry, but something went wrong.

We’ve been notified about this issue and we’ll take a look at it shortly.

We are in a time crunch with our Court of Honor coming up. This is a very bad time for these problems to be occurring within TT.

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Also, tried adding it one girl at a time and same message comes up. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :rage:

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Having the same problem over the weekend and still today.

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I am only able to add the Pen Pal Program to 1 girl account every hour or so. It is taking over 2 days for what it should take for a 1 minute bulk entry.

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Now I am unable to add PenPal Program to the remaining girl accounts or in bulk. You can attempt to add it while in the girls achievements tab by clicking “start achievement”, but then when you hit the save button it does not add it to the account. If you try going through Achieve - Record Individual Progress…the patch is not even listed as an option to be able to add. This is a AHG official patch, and should be an option on all girls accounts. We do have a “Pen Pal Badge” listed but that is not the one I want to add. I hope this gives more details into how to fix this problem.

Hi everyone,

The tech team worked on this issue and released the fix today. You should now be able to record bulk progress without getting the error message.


David Keener