Unable to find flag for RSVP Settings

Under the new event layout, I do not see how to disable RSVP settings.

Hi @watarzp655,

It depends what RSVP settings you are looking for but when creating or editing event details, most RSVP settings should be on the basic tab, not the advanced tab. The following are some of the most widely used RSVP settings. Any of those what you are looking for?


When using the new Dynamic meeting invitation setting there does not seem to be those three options RSVP Inside, Outside or none.

Hi Tyler,

I do not actually see that display. This is what I see for both my Pack and Troop accounts when creating an event.

I noticed the same thing. I created an event without any members selected and then there was no rsvp. I did get an event Invite. However, I thought that only those that are included should get an invite.

Any update to this issue?

Have you seen any replies?

No, haven’t seen anything. @Tyler, any update on this?