RSVP Update

Is there a way of getting a email when someone RSVP? I see that they are listed in the RSVP section, but with a large troop it is harder to figure out who RSVP and if you need more information.

Welcome Jason, this has been asked a few different times and the answer is no, there is no setting you can set to get an e-mail for every RSVP. The discussion on some of the other threads that asked for this were very split with some liking the idea and others strongly disliking the idea. I know I for one was on the side of not wanting an e-mail per RSVP as it could quickly become a mass of messages especially with a larger unit.

One easy way to get a nice listing of who has RSVPd is to select Attendance Sheet either from the initial popup when you click the calendar item or the Attendance menu. You can select fields you want to display, separate it by Den or not, make sure “RSVP’d members only” is checked, make sure to click Customize if you change any of the check boxes on or off and then Print the Attendance Sheet, you get a nice PDF report with all of the people that RSVPd for an event as well as any other information you selected to display.

I posted a request for this years ago. I proposed for it to be an optional setting. This is one of the only things I miss about our old troop site was getting emails when someone RSVP’d or changed their RSVP. I don’t see why this can’t be something that can be implemented. For the people who do not want it, they could just choose to not get the emails.

Unfortunately since TroopTrack is such a small company with only three employees only one of which is a Developer implementing new features and ideas takes time and if there isn’t much support for the idea from the community its priority would be set very low. I do understand though, there are several things I have also requested that would be nice to have or even fixes for semi-broken functionality however there are typically work arounds its just more work on those of us that use the system. Best of luck.