Uniform selection for Events

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The calendar events record a whole lot of useful information… but the one thing we keep forgetting to list for ourselves is whether our boys should show up in class A or B uniforms.

Would it be possible to add an extra Check-box in the event creation, that would show up in the “Details” box when reviewing the invite?

Suggestions for display:

  • radio-button between Uniform options that can be pre-set for the entire unit under site management. ie - for Cub Scout pack, choices would be “A - Uniform,” “B- Uniform,” "Casual."
  • free-form field in the event

Thanks, Super-Dave!



YES!!! I love this idea. We’ve had times where we’ve listed in the event which uniform to wear and parents missed it. Their daughter would show up in uniform when she didn’t need to be.


Meanwhile … I always think through middle school writing when doing event posts.

Who, what, when, where, wear (instead of how/why). :slight_smile:


This would be a very nice feature

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You know what they say in Chicago - “Vote Early and Often”

Sadly, I can’t :hearts: this more than once.


Just wanted to comment here and say that this ability was built but never mentioned. So for those TroopTrack users looking to track uniforms at events, when creating the event just make sure that “Uniform Required” is checked under the advanced section on the event creation page.


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