Tracking Flag Ceremony Participants

Is there a way to track our flag ceremony participants so that we know who has participated in a flag ceremony?

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My wife has created a spreadsheet that she tracks those who participate in the troop’s Honor Guard / Flag Ceremonies. I haven’t seen anything in TT that would do this… unless it’s related to a badge work…

I know when you go to record attendance there is a section that indicates if the girl was in uniform.
Perhaps, you could use this field to kinda use as a work around. For example, if the requirement to be a participant in a flag ceremony is full uniform, then those that participated would be the only ones flagged with full uniform in this column. Then you could run an attendance report and those that show up with full uniform checked, would be those who participated in the flag ceremony.

I may have to try that idea myself and see how that goes. If you figure out anything different, please share.

Hi @KimberlyWilson6 and Darren,

This seems like a pretty simple request. How would you imagine this working? Let me know and I can put in the request with our technical team. I feel as though adding another field like the uniform field could serve this purpose.

Let me know what you both are thinking,


@Tyler I’m still new to troop track, but from my experience in working with data fields, it usually seems to be easier to add an option to an existing field especially one that already has a drop down menu vs adding a column for another checkbox.

Operationally… Our honor guard is made up with girls in the sixth grade through high school and we have a rotation on which girl is participating in the honor guard. So with me just thinking off the top of my head… I would go to the attendance section select the option of “Honor Guard” from the uniform field. That should then be able to be saved to a data table where a query could run for those wanting to run a report and sort/filter as needed. For me the purpose of the report would be to make sure each girl trained would have a fair and equal opportunity to be in the honor guard throughout the year.

That’s kinda how I see something like this. I’ve been doing TT for just over a month so if there is another way to do this or something better/easier, than that’s fine too. :thinking:

I would love a field like the uniform field that we could click and a place that we can run a report to have listed everyone who has completed this! I would not want an addition to the drop down as we have to use that to track who wears uniforms for our Honor Troop status. If there was a particpated in flag ceremony option with its own drop of of the positions of the flag ceremony, Caller, Troop Flag, American Flag that would be great but just a click yes or no is fine too. I have been with 3 troops using TT and have been the TT coordinator for the last 4 years and using TT for 8 years as someone in troop leadership team.

Thank you so much!