Money account - basic question I'm struggling with

Hi all - new Girl Scout user here. I am confused about some money account transactions. We are not currently using any online payment system, but I would like to have the parents’ accounts “charged” when RSVPs occur, and then go in and manually enter payments that I receive and have the system show a zero balance after I enter the payment. I seem to be doing something wrong here but can’t figure out what. It seems like the system should show a negative balance when a payment is owed, and then a zero balance once I enter the payment, but that’s not what happens – it looks like it still shows a balance. I’m going live with the remainder of my troop on TT in the next day or so and would love to get this resolved. Thank you for any help you can provide!

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We are also getting read to turn on integrated accounting.

To prepare for this, we are suggesting the parents fund their scout’s scout account ahead of time. Rather than pay per event. This way, if the parents make a larger deposit, there are less transactions to reconcile and there is money left over for other events/dues.

@Sam- I thought scouts could no longer carry a negative balance. So in this case, when the scout RSVP’d and had a negative balance, was the scout actually added to the attendee list, or will more money need to be added to the account so the scout can RSVP again in the future?



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@sam- Thanks for the response and the clarification!


I think it is OK to have negative balances. Our troop does not link to Paypal or take credit cards and so the negative balance ends up being the invoice we show a parents so they know how much to pay.

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