Upload Multiple Photos

I’m trying to upload multiple (100+) photos for past events, but the site is only allowing single photos to upload at a time. Am I missing something?

I am able to upload multiple photos without any issues.

Share > Photo Albums, choose an album, “Upload Photos”, click on each photo (use control or command on mac to select multiple), then press ok.

I’m on a pc. Is it possibly because I’m trying to add to an existing album?

For a pc, use control. It might be labeled ctrl or something. Adding to an exiting album should not be a problem.

I followed your path

share > Photo Albums > “album” > “upload photos”… I selected all of the photos from my drive (using shift to select multiple), then pressed ok. I get a message that I cannot upload multiple files from this location.

I just logged into your account, created a test album, uploaded about two dozen photos, and didn’t have any problems. Maybe try fewer photos at a time. I honestly have no idea what the problem might be because I cannot reproduce the issue.

Didn’t work. Pop-up said “Cannot load multiple items from this location. Try selecting a single file at a time.” I tried to upload fewer – only 11 photos.

@mlsully2002, finally was able to upload multiple photos. Had to create a new album. Never worked when attempting to add to the existing one. Also, didn’t want to load multiples from my Samsung Galaxy 6s phone. Once I transferred the photos to my desktop, I was able to load into ^new album.