User Access list is not alpha order

When trying to re-invite users to change their passwords or log in the first time, the User Access page is not in alpha order. I had to search through the whole list to find the person I needed. Using the Search did not pull her name up but she was in the list, out of order.

Since AHGconnect is not functioning anymore, we are adding our new people manually to the program and this lady was one of them.

Please advise.

If they’re not in alphabetical order, you can click on the header up top to sort it (ascending or descending).
You should also be able to hit ‘ctrl F’ (find) and search for the name.

I hope this helps!

The sort and search only work on what is in the current page. If you have many pages (I have 7) you still have to look at each of them. Sure, once you go to page 3, you can search for someone on that page, but you have no idea that the person is on page 3.

In other words, the search and sort seem to be done client side, and moving to new pages is requesting updated data from the server. Either the entire list needs to be on the client, or the search and sort features need to be handled by the server.

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When you have several pages of people, you assume that the W’s would be toward the last page and the A’s would be on the first page. This is not the case.

I have to look at each page and scroll through the whole list because even the page is not in alpha order.

There’s seems to have been a change in the program that has scrambled the order of things.

Very frustrating and time consuming.

If we could search the whole list of a specific person that would be something but to have to search each page separately is not user friendly.

Thank you for your description! I search for ways to say it. I am better on the phone.