Various bug fixes

We just release several fixes for irritating problems:

  1. After an event is over, the list of who did or didn’t attend was not in alphabetical order.

  2. The participation book was crashing if you used a date range and no other filters.

  3. The participation book was not summarizing tent nights or cabin nights.

  4. The detailed report PDF available from a user profile did not include cabin nights.

  5. The incomplete achievements book was including all custom awards in TroopTrack, not just the custom awards you use.

  6. Deactivated members were showing up on the requirement details report.

These are all fixed now. Thanks for your patience!



w00t! way to go guys!

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Sorry, but unless I’m missing something these things are not fixed.
Cabin nights still don’t show up on participation reports, members are still out of order, etc.