Various minor bug fixes

I just pushed a bunch of small bug fixes:

  • Girl Scout troops can now record outside service hours
  • I corrected some wording about PayPal support “coming soon” (we’ve had it for years…)
  • You can add a title and a description to photos in the photo album, and now you can actually see them in the list view of a photo album
  • Fixed the total column of the money book to be accurate - there were cases where it was over-counting certain transactions
  • We were showing a balance due on the event “all payments” page for people who paid with a money account that was equal to the credit card fees that would have been incurred if they used a card. This balance due has been removed.
  • Deactivated users can no longer log into their inactive troop account
  • If you add a user as an adult and then change them to a scout, their ranks now initialize properly (BSA only)
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the fundraiser feature to crash in certain situations
  • The inbound email processor was crashing for certain types of spam that did not have a sender. We have fixed it to avoid crashing.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing you from recording miles in outside participation.

Phew! Sleep tight!

~ Dave


These are awesome, thanks Dave and the rest of the TroopTrack team!

One question on the “changing adult to a scout”- does it work the other way? Meaning, I have some adults that are showing youth awards instead of the adult awards and I know a few months back I was told I’d have to re-create their account from scratch (as an adult) to get the awards to actually show up properly. But that means losing all their preferences, attendance info, etc.

Thanks again!

It doesn’t work the other way. This is intentional because we can’t tell the difference between an adult who has ranks because he is a former scout and and adult who has ranks because you added him accidentally.

How many adults are there like this? I can clean them up manually by removing their rank trackers.

Hey Dave!

I recreated most of the user accounts but one of my Assistant Scoutmasters is still showing youth awards. He is the other leader in our “Darth McNuggets” patrol (first name “Matt”) along with me.

Thank you!

Fixed! Have a great week.

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Thanks, Dave! You too!

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