Where's TurboNET?

We have periodically updated our advancement data in TroopTrack from the BSA advancement database via TurboNET. But now I can’t find the TurboNET commands on the Achieve menu.

What happened to them?

I’d like to know the same think. Our troop’s advancement coordinator is unable to submit reports electronically to council. Where can we do the functions of TurboNET in the new updated site???

Ok. I found this - https://trooptrack.com/product_updates.

That was discontinued in June due to the BSA rolling out ScoutBook. Take a look at the updates page in TroopTrack for the latest and instructions. It is clunky but I think TT is working to make it better.

BSA IA 2.0

With the recent updates the BSA made to their Internet Advancement systems, TroopTrack’s TurboNet no longer connects as it previously did. We have made progress with TroopTrack’s integration with the BSA’s new Internet Advancement updates (IA 2.0/Scoutbook). TroopTrack has created a way for us to upload rank advancements TO council. You can see a video on how to do this here: Internet Advancement 2.0. TroopTrack is still in the process of adding a feature to synchronize FROM council. TroopTrack is confident we will have a solution but it is slower to release due to the lack of assistance from the BSA.

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The product update info says we can import ScoutBook Youth and Adult files (rosters). But what about importing advancement data from ScoutBook? That’s what I’m really after.

Hi John,

Turbonet was a feature that TroopTrack built to interact and sync with IA1.0. Turbonet as it was known previously is no longer offered. With the launch of the BSA’s IA2.0 this feature has now stopped working as the BSA restricted TroopTrack’s access. TroopTrack now interacts with IA2.0 in a different way through a upload/download (import/export) system of syncing between TroopTrack and Scoutbook.

Here is how syncing between TT and scoutbook / IA 2.0 currently works.

Syncing from TroopTrack to Scoutbook:

When you are tracking achievements or managing members within TroopTrack, you can sync that work by downloading that data from TT and uploading it into Scoutbook. We have created a video explaining this process here: Internet Advancement 2.0 Integration Preview

Syncing from Scoutbook to TroopTrack:

There are three types of exports you can get export from scoutbook.com, from your Unit page toward the bottom there is Export/Backup. The exports you can receive from scoutbook are:

  1. Scouts Roster - would get your scouts member information
  2. Scout Advancement - self explanatory
  3. Leaders & Parents Roster - for their member information

Once you have any of these files you can submit an import request through the help desk on TT and our support team will upload the scoutbook exports into your troop on TT. To do this you click on Support > Spreadsheet Import/Export and choose the type of import it is.

Hope all of that above makes sense. Let me know if you have any other questions about syncing with Scoutbook.