TurboNET dropped?

I’m hearing that Internet Advancement is going away and all advancement will be processed through Scoutbook. Does this mean that TroopTrack will no longer be able to sync advancement rosters with the BSA?

An article with little information:

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I also had the same question. Was posted that Scoutbook Lite will replace Internet Advancement.

So does that mean the TurboNET API is going away and the only way to upload advancement will be through Scoutbook Lite?

Also says the APIs will be available to Scout volunteers with no plans to share with Third Parties (so I think that means TroopTrack).

Can you give us the scoop on how these changes will impact TroopTrack for Boy Scout advancement in the coming year.

This is very concerning for our pack. The main reason why we use TroopTrack is the auto-upload capabilities for advancements. If the new Scoutbook Lite won’t allow third-parties to use read/write APIs and it also won’t support CSVs, what are our options? Does that mean we’re forced to manually input advancements? Ugh…

It would be great to hear an official response from TroopTrack.

A TroopTrack response was provided here: TroopTrack and Scoutbook Lite

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