World Conservation Award-BSA Needs Details Tracking

World Conservation Award -BSA lacks the sub components.

Can these 3 be added as sub components to allow for individual tracking/completion/partial progress.


@melissa will you please look into this?


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Hello @mtsmith

I added a new award with the sub-requirements.

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Sorry to add here, but it looks like the new one has a 4th requirement now:
Here’s the scouting website for the award:
Here’s the PDF for the BSA version of the award:

And it looks like the 4th requirement (not actually listed in the 3 requirements) is “AND participate in a conservation project as part of an approved Scouting program totaling at least three hours that addresses a conservation need common to more than one country.”

Can we update the sub requirements to include the unlabeled 4th requirement? Or just create a new World Conservation Award (2017) that has 4 requirements in it?