Missing Nova Awards

Do you know when the following NOVA awards might be added to TroopTrack? This is limiting some of our scouts from earning their SuperNOVA .

Mendel’s Minions
Hello World
Up & Away
Next Big Thing

Thank you!

@KelsieC, the requirements for the awards can be found here:


@RobinReitler1, for instances like this where the awards do not exist in TT you can always manually enter them in IA2.0 until they are available in TT. No need to hold up the Scouts.

Thank you! I’ll pass that information on to our SM. The boys will be excited.

These have been added!

Thank you for bringing this up @RobinReitler1. We have added those awards to the TroopTrack system and are in the process of getting the ID numbers so they can sync with the BSA system as well.

Thanks again.