Would a percentage on attendance help anyone?

Hello All,

Our Troop requires a 2/3’s attendance or about 66%. Would it help anyone else out if a feature was created to let the user enter a percentage that would show on each scouts attendance over a date range?


Before I logged on I was thinking about suggesting this idea myself! Thanks for saving me the trouble. I’d love to be able to select my own start and end dates for the calculation as well. I’d also like the percentage to be calculated only on events the scout was invited to. I filter to limit event types would be a great feature.


This would be awesome for tracking JTE!

Troop Track Admin do you see this happening?

Although we don’t have a codified “you must attend __% of meetings”, it would definitely come in useful when we meet with scouts and their families as we identify areas where we can help the scout improve and help them reflect on whether they feel their attendance is up to the standard they would expect for themselves to advance.

Definitely love this idea!


I have ask for this in the past. Our troop requires a 2/3 attendance or 66%. This would be awesome!

We would be interested as well.