Entering attendance for multiple events

I do like troop track…just a few things today that are taking too much time…

Attendance is done at our troop by signing in. Attendance is entered into troop track about once every other month. Hours of my time would be saved it there were a page to enter the attendance of more than one event at a time. Names down the side, dates across the top, check boxes for each member for each date…basically a spread sheet.

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It sounds like a unique problem, but lets hear what the Community has to say.

If you go to Plan > Record Attendance > Attendance, you can press the “Attended?” checkbox at the top and it will mark everyone as attended and then you can uncheck those who didn’t go and then press “Update Event” to save that event.

Thanks for posting here and I look forward to seeing what the Community thinks. Have a great day!

You are missing the point. When recording attendance for 40 scouts, a minimum of 5 events per month, I am suggesting that there be a way to enter more than one event on one screen.

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I understand your request. I just don’t know if this is an issue that most TroopTrack users face. That’s why posting your feature request to the Community is a good idea. We can get some weigh in from other TroopTrack users. If the need is great, then our developers will consider it.

Sorry about the confusion.

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