You asked for a beta site, and we listened!

Hi Everyone,
When we announced we were rolling back TT4 we received a lot of requests to be BETA testers of TT4. It took a while to do it, but we built a beta site for you to use. If you would like to try it out, send an email to requesting access and Tyler will turn it on for your troop.

There are a couple of important things to understand:

  1. It’s a beta. Things may be broken. We want to know about those things.
  2. It’s real data. The beta site is using the same database as ANY CHANGES YOU MAKE ON THE BETA SITE TO YOUR DATA WILL SHOW UP THERE. So you can use the beta version like you would normally use the other version and test things out.
  3. We need to know about things that don’t work yet, but check and see if someone else has already reported it. For new issues you find that aren’t already in this category, please start a new topic.
  4. If something doesn’t work, and you’re in a hurry, just head over to and do it there instead so you don’t get frustrated.

I’m sure we’ll think of more things as we progress!

Thanks everyone!



I’m a bit surprised that your beta site would be working on live data.

We’ve had beta sites in the past that did not use live data and we couldn’t get customers to try them. Many companies do betas of new designs this way, allowing customers to “opt in” to the new design prior to rolling it out to everyone.

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