13 Nov 2018 Update

We’ve made several small fixes to the site:

  • When using your browser to print the Manage -> Patrols/Den/Units page the group headings were disappearing. Now they stay visible.
  • When adding awards using the “Start Achievement” button on a user’s “Achievements” tab of their profile, the pop-up window used to load very slowly, and the awards weren’t organized well. Now the window pops up much more quickly, and the awards are sorted by name.
  • When recording someone’s training, the selection drop-down used to get hidden. Now it stays visible.
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One of our last fixes broke the newsletter, so any newsletters that were supposed to send yesterday or today (Nov. 13 or 14) never went out.

The issue is fixed now. :slight_smile: You can go to your newsletter preview at Communicate > Newsletter Settings and click the “Send Now” button to send out your missed newsletters.

We’re sorry about the disruption. Have a great day!

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The 10/12 update broke weekly newsletter distribution. This update hasn’t corrected it. Please confirm the status.