11 May 2018 Update

  • There was a bug where if a user paid a fee on PayPal but closed the webpage before being redirected back to TroopTrack the fee wouldn’t be recorded in TroopTrack. Also, PayPal was emailing some of you about incorrect IPN stuff on our end. The two problems were related, and they should both be fixed now. Sorry about that!
  • Newsletters will start sending in the afternoon instead of the wee hours of the morning.
  • For Trail Life troops: on the “Purchase Completed Awards” page, awards for unchartered boys don’t show up anymore. Also, for troops using TL Lite, the links on that page that are supposed to take you to each boy’s achievements page work.

The old newsletter delivery time worked for Australia. Now it’s delivered at “wee hours of the morning” for us.

@Spencer Thanks for reporting and resolving this - I saw the same problems for Paypal payments for our troop… I’m assuming its left to us to reconcile these? I have seen some issues in past similar to this as well. I hope you can resolve this once for all,though it would be nice to have have a way to reconcile these easier? I had about 6 transactions that fell through this time, its a difficult to run into these issues and greatly affects our operations - as the RSVP/payment is the only book of record for us - and planning for campouts revolves all around these RSVPs. Appreciate if we be careful with changes to this area in the future.

It would be nice if we could configure the time newsletters get sent. :slight_smile:

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The IPN notification issue isn’t fixed yet. I got another one overnight.

Well that’s not good. Thanks for letting us know.

For what it’s worth, I did not get one last night. I’ll let you know if any more show up.