2 Adult requirement for meetings?

When creating an event this evening for my Cub Scout den, it prevented me from creating the event until two adults were added. Is this a new feature? I’ve never seen it before. Or is it a custom setting that perhaps someone with admin rights for our account recently turned on?

Either way, it’s making it more difficult to schedule events. We know YPT rules and don’t need TT to monitor this for us.

That was a new feature, based on user feedback, because of YPT rules, all communication must have two adults attached, because an event can also send out notifications there must be two adults attached.

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But there are two adults attached, because every scout has a parent email.

Can we please make this optional? Or at least recognize when a parent email is attached to a student and thus included in the 2 adult minimum? This does not help us with YPT, only makes it more difficult to use TT.


I get people make the system work the way they want but having a parent e-mail as the Scouts is not the way the system is setup. As far as the system is concerned that e-mail is attached to a Youth so thus a Youth e-mail.

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We have not setup youth accounts with parent emails. We have a separate parent account connected to the youth as part of the same family. We have TT setup to copy parents on any emails that go to scouts. Thus we are covered on parental inclusion on the emails.

So I would classify this as a bug – TT is requiring 2 adults on email but is ignoring that the adult accounts that are copied on the email. It’s only looking at the adults explicitly added.

Hi @dschmitt1996,

TroopTrack is set up so you must invite at least two adults for an event. This is regardless of it copying to adult emails.


David Keener

Best as I can tell, this change was not announced. It may be “how TT works” but it makes it harder and more complicated to use your product. We don’t want/need YPT oversight and are quite capable of managing our compliance without the extra work that TT is now requiring.

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Many other people felt very differently when this was discussed in the Community before it was implemented, I am pretty sure this was implemented sometime in 2020 maybe even earlier so it has been a requirement for quite some time now. At that time everyone seemed to agree it was better to err on the side of caution in making this a requirement.