Members in multiple patrols

Am I the only troop who has volunteers in multiple patrols?

I would love it if an adult volunteer could be added to multiple patrols. I have quite a few volunteers that help with multiple levels. I have one volunteer that does not have girls in our troop, so having messages go to parents of the patrol excludes her and I have to remember to add her manually. Also, I have some volunteers with 2 girls in the troop, so when I set up events I have to add all the adults manually. Not a big deal, but it would make my life a whole lot easier if they could just go in the patrols that they help out with. Right now I have a seperate patrol for registered volunteers, but that seems inefficient. Would anyone else like to see TroopTrack make this a feature?

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I have families with girls in multiple units–it’s hard to keep everyone together.

I agree. I’m setting up TroopTrack for my Girl Scout Service Unit, and we need to have the same adult leader in multiple troops(/patrols/dens).

Allowing adults to exist in multiple patrols would be a great and required feature for basic adult management.

This has been requested many times over the last few years. I am not sure what it would take from the Development team but the fact that it hasn’t happened leads me to believe it would be a major undertaking. Right now the only thing you can do if a leader needs access to multiple Patrols/Dens/Units would be to give them full access to the whole Troop/Pack/Unit. That does not solve the problem of them automatically getting notification e-mails, they would need to be added manually to those events.

When I sent this suggestion through as a request, this is the response I got:

We’d love to see if this makes sense for all TroopTrack users. It would be awesome if you posted the idea in the TroopTrack community to see if other TroopTrack troops want the same thing. If it gets some traction we can definitely look into putting it on our product updates roadmap.

David Keener

So… the more responses posted on this link, the better chance we have of the development team taking notice and doing something about it.

Honestly I am not sure why they would need more input, this has been asked many times in the past and has gotten decent traction on previous posts.

Similar to adding adults to multiple Patrols - I would love to be able to add SCOUTS & ADULTS to multiple patrols. It would be nice to have a “SeaBase2022” Patrol or a “Philmont2023” Patrol, etc. in addition to a normal patrol for those high adventure trips. Instead you have to manually send emails which leads to accidentally forgetting someone. I know this feature is available in TroopWebhost so it is a capability out there. Thanks for considering!