2024 Cub Scout Changes

Once again, the BSA is revamping adventures for Cub Scouts. This one looks like a big one (e.g. Bobcat going away as-is and turning into required adventure every year).

Is there an ETA on when Troop Track will be updated, and will we be able to still see awards under the old system for scouts who are already on their way?

The plan is to have them live by June 1st. Yes the previous ranks will still show up for anyone who earned an older rank.


Just setup our Pack’s account. Unfortunately it looks like the new adventures aren’t quite live yet on the site. I’m sure there is a lot of work to update all of the adventures.
In case it is helpful the official details are now live as of yesterday on the BSA Website for all adventures for all ranks: Cub Scout Adventures | Boy Scouts of America

Unfortunately with BSA not releasing the details until this last weekend it has delayed the release of the updates. Someone posted from a Council to the Advancement Thread and work was started however still needed to be verified in case BSA made any last hour changes.

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Understood, FWIW, both Charles_Van_Winkle and pack46mpls are me. We look forward to moving our pack over once we’ve validated all the new things.