New Cub Scout Requirements

This was just posted to the page under program updates and on Facebook!!!

Will TroopTrack be modified to reflect the changes?


Very interested as well. Obviously this is a HUGE impact and I’m really nervous about the outcome of how changes will be implemented and possibly transfer data already entered.

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Great find and share. All the Cub Requirements and updates - sure to be useful to the TT Dev team.

Looking now if there is a corresponding Boy Scout one.

Thank you for providing this document. Every time the BSA releases new/revised badges or requirements, we add them pretty quick and this will be no exception. We’ve been reading through the document you provided and are coming up with an implementation game plan.

Thank you!


Ah, you beat me to it!!! :sunglasses:

Do we have an time frame for getting these changes rolled out? I think creating an optional elective for each requirement would be nice; move the eliminated items to an optional section (within each requirement) where we can record them, especially for those of us who have scouts who completed adventures this fall.

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I called supoort the other day and they implied it would hopefully be around Monday (12/12/16).

Tomorrow or Monday. It’s all in the system, we just have to work some magic to release it the right way.

Will the requirements that have been signed off already be migrated to the new requirements?

The requirements are different so no.

Please make sure you announce how the migration will work so we can communicate to our leaders. Will the new and old be side by side and we will have to move to the new (or allow us the option to complete the year out on the old which is not a bad thing)? Will the dates and awards be copied over to the new? I realize the way this was announced and implemented by the BSA was not handled well and doing this mid-year was very poor on their part. But anything that gives us flexibility within our pack and dens will be helpful.


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is today the roll out day?

We are working on it now.

Has this been implemented yet?

Still doing it now. It’s tough.

Completely understand… This has to be a huge undertaking

Basically, for now, you can press “Start Achievement” and use any of the new adventures. They are under “Cub Scout Awards” and each of the new ones has “(2016 +)” behind the name.

It looks like they are all in except for the Tigers which I am loading now (3000 jobs at a time).

It’s going to take more work to make them automatically apply to the ranks, unfortunately. I’m told that’s going to take some more code and will need a developer. I’m going to double check on that and see if there is any other manual work I can do to make that happen sooner.

For right now, you just use the new adventures to keep track of the new requirements and manually mark them in the badge as complete. I know that isn’t the best situation, but I’ve been working my butt off on this to get it this far and will keep pushing for everything else.

Hope that helps for now!


Sounds great!!! we will do that.

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Thanks. Once this is all complete (which I am sure is a massive and unplanned undertaking) and at the end of this year, would it be possible to clean up the badge list and move all older ones into an “Old” or “Retired” heading. There currently are:

Cub Scout Awards - where the 2015 and 2016 adventures are (so maybe move out the 2015 after this year to the retired section)
And all of the following which I think are all obsolete:
Activity Badge
Arrow Points
Belt Loops
Ranks - Pre-2015 rank awards? I always find this confusing with the Cub Scout Awards and select it incorrectly. Intuitively this name is more logical than Cub Scout Awards
Compass Points
Progress Beads



I believe you can go into Manage > Settings > Manage Active Achievements and “uncheck” anything you don’t want to see when you are entering advancements. Hope this helps.