BSA New modifications

When will the modifications BSA has made for Cub Scout adventures that have come into effect today, November 30th, be updated on Troop Track?


Following, waiting for TT response. I’m sure this will cause you guys quite a scramble!

Any update on the new adventure updates?

I worked on it all day yesterday and as soon as the morning rush clears up, I will continue.


Will there be a difference between grandfathered 2015-2016.5 requirements vs 2016.5-2017 requirements? I don’t want to get stuck “on the fence” on the adventures we’re currently working on getting caught in the transition.

There are a lot of differences in requirements. You may check the BSA site on what do do about partially completed adventures.

I am uncertain if I should proceed with marking requirements completed and make a special note in the notes section that boys are following the modified requirements. Just not sure as I don’t want to report something complete and send it to council if it really isn’t.

As far as I have read these modifications are completely optional.If Troop Track is as smart as I think they are they’ll probably keep the old in the roster but bring in the modified ones for those that want to use them. If you have used the adventure before the modifications then move on as planned. If you want to use the modified parts than after they finish those I would just either delete the old one before the modifications and mark on the new one everything or just mark it as complete on the old one all together. Once I see what they have added on here and how I’d be able to tell better but as of now in my mind that’s what I would do.

As a leader you guys have all the power in saying what is complete and what is not.

It doesn’t say whether it’s optional or not. It does say, “The modified requirements can be used with the current handbooks, with relevant changes to handbook content taking place in a subsequent editions.” And that leads me to believe it is not optional if it is going to be printed in future editions.

As far as when to start using it, “The transition will be seamless, with leaders choosing to use revised requirements as the den begins any new Adventure.” This looks like it says to go ahead and finish up your current adventure, but use the new stuff going forward.

I finished entering all the new requirements and some may even see them now, but I am still working out the best way to fully release these with Dave so I’m still going to aim for the end of this week or early next week for the completed release. But no guarantees. I could get hit by a random meteor or something.

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Following post…

Echoing a post in the other thread on this, I think anything made optional or eliminated should be retained in an optional section. For example, half my 5th graders have completed their geocaching requirement. This is now completely eliminated but I would still like them to finish it this year and track it.

Please don’t delete items that we may have already tracked even though it has changed.


Though some items may be marked as “retired”, both 2015 and 2016 cub scout adventures/badges will be available.

Thanks for making the changes. I’m finding a few Webelos adventures that are confusing me.
I see the new Webelos Elective Adventure: Art Explosion (2016 +), but I don’t see a corresponding Webelos/AOL Elective Adventure: Art Explosion (2016 +)

On the reverse, none of the rest of the 2016+ Elective Adventures are listed for Webelos only.

Lastly, none of the 2016+ Required Adventures are associated with the Webelos or AOL badges. Same goes for the other ranks.
Wll these new requirements be linked to the appropriate Badges?

The official release will be Monday morning. We are going to come in early and finish up the magic needed to make it all work.


Thanks for the update and for your efforts in rolling this out.

I am currently seeing Webelos Badge (2015+) and everything underneath yet anything for 2016 is scattered everywhere. Any way to get that more streamlined for 2016 like the 2015 badge listing?