Ability to assign privileges at different levels of access

AHG: I understand the different levels for Access and I understand the assigning privileges to members. I just have a problem giving someone like the Treasurer or the Shepherd access at the Troop level for things that have nothing to do with their jobs. For example, the Shepherd should not have access to anyone’s money account besides his/her family, but she needs access to the troop in order to access sign-up sheets for events.

Could it be made possible to allow the owner to assign different privileges to different access levels?


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If you look at the rows on Manage > Members > Privileges, are you able to customize access to be closer to your preferences?

It has been asked before to create more granular Access Permissions however from the discussion I remember the staff said it would be a major undertaking.

As to your specific example about Money Accounts I just did a little testing and without the “Manage money accounts: Add debits and credits to youth money accounts” privilege even with Troop Access I could not see the rest of the Troops Money Accounts only my Household Account.

Hi y’all,

It’s already possible to customize privileges for users based upon their access level. Privileges don’t change when access level does. Thus, when you change the access level of a leader to “unit” they aren’t automatically given access to money accounts.

TroopTrack services many different organizations, and the best way to make sure people have the privileges they want is allowing each troop to customize these. Even some troops in the same organization use privileges and access levels differently. This is why we’ve left it up to the Troop leaders to decide who gets what privileges.


David Keener

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