Controlling Access and Privileges


Default Privileges

By default, users are granted the following:

Access Level

All adults/parents will be able to see other members of their family. Unless you change their access level, they won't be able to see information about other members.



Adults and parents are able to view troop information that is not specific to a particular user. They are also able to upload photos.


What if I want to change it?

If you'd like to change their default privileges or access level, you can do so by visiting the privileges tab on their profile after creating them.


How to Get There

You can edit a user's access and privilieges from their profile. To get to a users profile, click People on the Navagation bar and then click on the user you'd like to edit. You can also get to their profile using the Manage badge.

Once you are on a user's profile, look for the section titled Privileges, as seen below:


Editing a user's access level and privileges is easy. Just click on the Edit button, fill out the following form, and click Save.



Access Levels Control Who a Member Can See

Access levels control WHO in the troop this user has access to, described below.

  • None - No one! Not even themselves! This access level is generally reserved for users who never log in.
  • Self - Just them. This is a common access level for scouts.
  • Household - Every member of their household. This is a good access level for parents.
  • Patrol/Den - Everyone in their patrol or den. This is a good access level for den leaders, patrol leaders, and adult leaders assigned to a patrol.
  • Unit/Troop - Everyone in the troop or pack. This is a good access level for scoutmasters, cubmasters, advancement chairs, senior patrol leaders, etc.

Privileges Control What a Member Can Do

The second green box shows the privileges a user could be given. Check or uncheck privileges as appropriate and then click "Update User" when you are done.

Here are the privileges you can choose from:


FWIW - I find it hard to map some of the privileges to the menu items that appear or not. Can you list out which menu items appear based on which privileges are given?

Right now, I have to make changes to a different account, switch to that different account with less privileges and attempt to see what I can see there before really knowing what is allowed or not. Thanks!


I have the same question. For example, which privilege corresponds to enabling the “Edit” button for the MBC tab?


Yes I had to make my husband an account and play around with the privileges and keep switching between accounts to see what was allowed or not allowed before rolling it out to parents. I wonder if there is an easier way.


Heh, heh. I’ve had to play around that way, but I don’t like it. It’s slow. I now have a fake child in TroopTrack so I can test what permissions I’m giving to my scouts. Ugh.


Is there a way to make a global change to the privileges for everyone that’s at a given access level ? We have almost 50 users, and setting up access rights x 50 accounts would be completely time-prohibitive. I envision only maybe 3 profiles of users: Admin, Committee members, and everyone else.
Thank you,

  • Jim M.


Hi Jim,
We don’t currently have support for privilege profiles. Please feel free to start a topic about it in the “Ideas” category. If it gets traction with other users it will get added to our to-do list.



I have complaints from parents that they want to edit their child’s achievements when they complete them at home. They say that Household privilege only gives them Read-only access. Is this by design? Is the idea that the Den Leader should do the update after confirming completion?


Have you tried - Under Manage > Settings > Edit Troop Settings > TroopTrack Settings > “Let scouts edit their own achievement records”?


Interesting. This is not present for my Cub Scout Pack. I guess this is restricted to Boy Scouts and not Cub Scouts.


You are correct… it’s on our to-do list.


What are the minimum required Privileges for a user to print his own, pending Merit Badge Applications (Blue Cards)? I would imagine that he would have to be able to create a “start” a new achievement (select a new merit badge)?

And, I agree… The User Profile is a GREAT idea.


Hi @schufford,

If a scout has Self level access they can look at the Merit Badge book and Print Individual Progress Reports. If you want a scout to be able to print Blue Cards, they will need the privilege “Edit achievement records”.

Thanks and have a nice day.


Thanks for the reply. I wish there was a way that Scouts could print new/blank blue cards without the ability to edit their own achievements.


You should create a new topic under the “Ideas” category requesting it and describing the benefit. If enough TroopTrack users want it, we will develop this idea.



Could we have the same set up that AHG has under Troop Track to Manage > Members > Privileges > And the options that are set up below.

All Access Levels
All Privileges
Remove Privileges
Add Privileges

We have a large troop of over 160 adults and would be blessed to have a way to change privileges in a bulk process. Thank you!


Does the access to household privilege include being able to sign up on sign up sheets or does something else need to be checked for that privilege?


Household can’t see them per-say but as long as your check the person’s name under Who’s Assigned, they will see it under “Your Assignments”. There is an option that you can have them access the signup sheets but they can also delete it. I go with the first option because I don’t want someone coming along and accidentally deleting but yes, they will still see it. :slight_smile:


I’m looking for a “common sense check” on what privileges to grant to scouts, parents, and leaders.

For scouts (self access level) & parents (household access level), I’ve granted them the following:
Upload Photos
View Files
View/print roster
View Inbox

I need some clarification on the last one (view inbox)… does this privilege basically just allow them to get email via TroopTrack, or could this privilege allow them to see messages that were not intended for them?

For leaders (except for the treasurer, cubmaster, and myself), they get unit access and all privileges EXCEPT for:
Manage money accounts
Manage troop settings
Manage privileges

Treasurer gets unit access and all privileges except for Manage troop settings and Manage privileges.

Cubmaster and I (Committee Chair) get unit access and all privileges.

Thanks very much for the help!

-Jon Belmont


Can you restrict member details?

Thanks, Eric