Ability to record Service to Girl Scouts

Service to GS is 20 hours. It would be good to be able to log this in 15 min increments in the achievements tab so that the percentage updates appropiately. It is different from Community Service Hours.

Hi @Rainbow,

A better way of tracking service hours and minutes would be to use the “Participation” tab. You can record outside participation and quickly add in those numbers and see totals.


I love this tab but I don’t have a field for the “Service to Girl Scouts” hours because they are different from Community Service hours - different awards that require independent tracking. It’s a thing for Cadette-Level scouts and up.

If you go to Manage > Settings > Event Types, you can create a “Service to Girl Scouts” event type and tag all those specific hours to it then use Plan > Participation Book to sort them. That might be your best option for now.