Tallying Service Hours at the end of the year

I’m looking ahead to Court of Awards and tallying our girls service hours. I’ve gone to Participation Book to create a report for one of my daughters to see how many service hours she has completed. I’ve entered the dates 4/26/2016-today. When I do that, it pulls up pages of participation, but if I try to narrow it down to just service events during that time frame, she only has 3 things that she participated in pop up. The same goes if I put in any other category. But if I put it back to all events, it brings up everything she participated but I can see all of her service hours.

Will I need to do that for every one of my 87 girls?? I need to see the service hours she has b/t when we cut our service hours off from last year in April through April of next year.

Did any of that make sense?

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So you are trying to get the service hours earned by each girl within a certain time period? Or all the girls hours total?

Plan > Participation Book

Narrow down by date and at the bottom the total will give you all the service hours earned during that time period by all the girls.

To get the individual hours you will also need to narrow down by girl (so use the filters for dates and members). Once you do that, you don’t need to narrow it down any further. The totals at the bottom should be what you need regardless of pages.

Let me know if I’m misunderstanding this.

When I pull it up by All Events, this is what I get:

When I narrow it down to Service Projects only, I get this screen. It only pulls the evens from the calendar, not all of her service:

And just to make sure I understand, I would need to do each of the girls individually at the end of the year to see their service totals for the year, correct? I must admit, that is a job I’m going to pass off to my service coordinator. :wink: Thinking that is going to be time consuming for 88 girls. lol

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Just put in an “After Date” and the girl’s name. Nothing else needs to be filled it. It doesn’t matter if it’s narrowed down by service projects unless you specifically want to see those service projects. The total at the bottom will give you what you need.

Also, is it required to have the individual service hours? I do not know much of the subject but I thought only the total was necessary. I feel like this should have come up sooner or there should be a specific report for it if you need it by girl and within a specific time frame for a bunch of girls. Interesting.

We do an individual service hours b/c we put that total on our COA presentation. We also use it for the Presidential Service Awards.

It also helps us with tallying. For some of our Pi/Pa’s they record their hours on paper and then enter it all at one time later. My oldest daughter caught errors on both her entries on TT as well as on her paper tracking sheet today. It also helps us see what girls are lacking in service areas or even entire squads.

It may be something specific to our troop. We are pretty detailed troop. It’s helped us identify areas where we may need to include more service for certain squads or units. But if there was a report that we could pull that was date specific, you’d make our entire board (or at least me, the Troop Coordinator, and our service coordinator) VERY happy! lol :smiley:


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I feel like there should be a report specifically for this, but I can’t seem to find it so I’m going to put in a request for this feature.

Do your levels change within the time periods you are trying to capture for service hours?

If so, you can use Manage > Service stars to see all the hours earned for that level, but that’s not quite exactly what you need.

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Yes, for our girls who bridge, they would. We stop recording for the year on the 4th Monday of the month. If they don’t have the information in TT by then we don’t count it. So all service time they earned from that point on counts for their next AHG year.

If the report just pulls it by girls, I’d be thrilled. I know where my girls are and could work from there. I’m doing a happy dance over here just thinking about a report for that! :smiley:

Edited to add:
The only thing that would be super helpful would be to see for my girls who bridged in May how many hours they had in their current before we moved them up on TT to the next level.

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It would be nice if the Service Project filter included all the service project hours, not just the ones on the official calendar. I would like to be able to make sure that all of my daughters’ hours are recorded, without having to sift through all the regular meetings that are mixed in the list.

I think you have 2 user groups with TT - the families, entering individual data points, and the leaders, who want to see the data as a whole. Families can do the one-off entries, but leaders (at least, I do!) want to be able to see the girls’ results as a whole, without having to click on each girl.

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There is a CSV option - maybe you can export the data and work with it in Excel?

It does each individual event so you still have to tally them. I was searching for an option that I can set the date range and see the total number of hours per girl for the year all in one report or screen or something. Being lazy. :wink: With 88 girls this year, I didn’t want to contemplate doing it one by one.

I’d like to see for Boy Scouts the ability to mark service hours towards a particular rank as well, just like we can mark Merit Badges for a particular rank.

Several ranks require some service hours, and it takes awhile to dig through the reports to find what each scout participated in and how many hours they have recorded.

Is there a way to roll over the girls’ hours when they are leveling up? I have a Patriot that has hours uncounted because they were earned at the end of her last Pioneer year. Thank you!

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We have the same issue right now. Our work around until the new report comes out is to just create a “Roll over” amount of hours to add to their new level. I don’t “Add the star” for their old level if they earned any after our cutoff date. Does that make sense?

We need to just need to go in and “fix” the data for our girls that bridged last year. Since our cut off date per level is the last Monday in April, and we don’t we move their levels up until after our COA in May, it is our logistical fix.

Hope that helps!

In the next few weeks, our troop will be placing our first badge order since implementing TT. It would be great if we could get the list of service stars by girl, for a specified time period, including all un-official service projects (that don’t appear on the troop calendar as an event), as SRUEDU requested.


I am following this thread. Our troop (AHG IN1911) are in the same boat. We are trying to find a report to pull for each girl in our troop that tallies service hours earned (individually and corporately) between a specified time for the Presidential Service Award. I know each AHG troop chooses the dates differently. We need a report from March 1 - February 28 that tallies these service hours. However, we are trying to do an hour-check now to let families know who are on the cusp of earning this prestigious award. Did you determine a report or a fix for this?

Cynthia Puckett

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AHG IN1911

It is now one month later, and I am checking to see our status on this.

Additionally, Troop Track used to tally our service hours for us, but now that number is static. No matter what date framework I give, the total number of service hours stays the same. I need it to add for me all the hours within a date framework. Am I missing something?

Cynthia Puckett

I logged into your account and used the Participation Book date range filter to narrow down your service hours and it worked just fine.

As far as the feature request associated with this post, that one is still on the todo list.

I did that, too. But the participation book does not pick up all the individual hours we logged as Service Hours, only the events that they participated in. Will you please check again?
Cynthia Puckett

Following this thread too. This report is something we’ve asked for every year, so it’s not a new thing. I’ve been able to work around it in the Participation book, but it seems like there should be an easier way. There is so much visible information in the Participation book that it gets tedious to weed through. (it probably won’t be as much for this year with a smaller troop but when the troop was larger it was nuts.)

Plan > Participation Book, “Service Summary” is a new feature that allows you to see all of your girls and their service hours on one page. You can select a date range, too.

Big thanks to Spencer for making this super easy for us to access!