Manual Entry for Service Hours, Miles, and Nights

Currently we don't offer Automatic importing of Service Hours, Miles, and Nights for all types of troops. However you can easily enter this for each individual user.

Go to their profile by clicking on their name. We're going to use this fake account as an example


Go to the Participation tab and press Add Service Hours.

Fill in the box with the Hours, Miles, and Nights that you wish to record. In this case we're only recording for the year of 2012, but you can do however many years that you want - you could even say "Imported Activity" if you'd like. Just make sure you save when you're done.

Now the record will show up under their participation tab and you'll see that their account is showing the updated information.

And that's all folks! :D

When I try to do this for my girls, it doesn’t give the option to add hours, etc. Can this be changed?

Hey Guys,
We are updating TT with older Troop Master Hours. In TM, we captured Canoeing, backpacking, kayaking and bike riding as separate event types with the corresponding miles/days/hours. I notice that TT has canoeing, backpacking and other event types, but does not seem to offer a corresponding field for entering the associated boating miles, backpacking miles or other (biking/boating) miles. Is that screen customizable to allow for capture of those entries, and if NOT, how would we enter the data so it is saved in the scout’s record (even if it is just a field that allows data with an hours, miles, or misc. descriptor?


I see the same, don’t see where it was ever resolved. Can this option be added as described here to our account?


I have been advised that there isn’t a way to distinguish between Service Hours and Conservation Service Hours. Please consider a way to differentiate.

While this question was awhile ago, we have figured out a way to track. While Service Project hour shows all hours, when creating a calendar activity, we code the activity under [Event Type] as either a Service Project or Conservation Project. All hours are reflected as Service Hour in the Scout’s status bar, but under participation reports, you can download the report, and then filter by type - Conversation. This will give you information specific to conservation project and hours.

I tried this and i can enter an outside activity; however, I don’t have the option to enter service hours. I can only enter the event title, date, and event type. Thanks.