Accessing All Unit Information

I recently took over as Troop Coordinator for an AHG troop. However, in Troop Track, it continues to only let me access the Explorer Unit that I lead previously. The old Troop Coordinator said that she made it to where I can access all of the girls for updates, but as of today, I have been unable. Thoughts?

Hi @LoriFox1,

I see she gave you all the privileges, but she didn’t give you the access level of “Troop”. You will need that level in order to see all the units associated with that troop. Luckily, because you have all the privileges, this is an easy fix.

Simply click your username (in the top by the gear icon), then click “your profile”. From there click the privileges tab, and then “edit privileges”. You’ll see all the boxes are checked, so don’t worry about those. Simply click where it says “access level” (at the top), and change it to “Troop”. It currently will say “unit” for you, so this means you can only see people in your unit.

Let me know if you have any questions.


David Keener

That was very helpful and did the trick! Lori