Unit leader cannot update daughter in another unit

I have a Unit leader that has a daughter in her unit and another daughter in another unit. The role is set to Unit. She cannot update achievements for her daughter in the the other unit but can for the daughter in her unit.’

Shouldn’t the Unit role also include those in the household?

or would i have to give unit leaders troop level access?

If I understand the structure, it goes from Self, to Household, to Unit, to Troop… the higher you go the privileges waterfall downward.

The Role is different from the Privileges, if she can update her Units achievements then she must have the Edit achievement records privilege. She should also be able to update her other Daughters achievements. Double check to make sure they are properly set in the same household, and she has Edit achievement records privilege, if that is all true and she still cannot update then send a message to support@trooptrack.com as there must be something else wrong. You are correct that the higher access you have it does include all of the lower as well.


I spent the evening double checking everything again. Everything was all correct. Decided to sleep on it. Next morning, I get a message from the leader saying everything’s been fixed. Must have been a gremlin. I do appreciate you confirming what I thought the system was supposed to be doing.