Achievement detail Export

I’m trying to work out which bits each Cub hasn’t done in the Boomerang Award system (Scouts Australia). I can’t see any easy way to do it in TroopTrack - the only solution seems to be to click on each of the 23 Cubs and then look at the appropriate Boomerang level achievement (bronze/silver/gold) and then write down which bits they haven’t done.

There is a “Group Achievement Report” which lists every member in the group and the percentage for each badge - that isn’t what I’m after. That just tells me they have achieved “73%” of a badge (not which 27% they are missing).

What I’m after is an export of the database which lists each of the individual items they have achieved for each badge. The first part of each line would be their name and then the badge type, level and sub-part id. Something like:
Simpson, Homer, Boomerang, Bronze, 1a
to indicate that Homer Simpson has done part 1a of the Bronze Boomerang award.

I know that would generate a very long (but not wide) file - I would then suck it into Excel and do a pivot table on it to get the badge questions at the top and the people on the left.

It would be nicer if it could:

  • add a dummy person as the first record who has fulfilled all the requirements (so that all the question parts end up in the pivot table)
  • be able to select only one badge and run the report on it
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I would like to be able to do this as well! It would be a life saver!

Melanie - try manage->reports->requirements detail report
It is a long long way down the list and you’ll need a scroll mouse to get there (ie be able to scroll the screen without moving the mouse pointer).

It does what you want except that it just has numbers/letters for the headings.