Incomplete Badge Book - any way to include completed as well?

I really like the Incomplete Badge Book and how it displays the detailed requirements and the date each was completed or blank if not complete.

Is there a way to get the same view including all scouts (as filtered by den, etc.) so if they have completed everything they are also in the list with dates in every requirement?

This is a great snapshot view that I am currently tracking manually in excel because I can’t find a good way to both see and publish and share this information.


Check Achieve > Achievement Overview & Badge book. They won’t look the same, but they should have all the info you need about completed work.

Yes I checked that first. It only shows the % Complete without the detail. I really like the individual requirement view. It is important to have a view of all scouts in a rank / den with full detail of requirements.

This question recently came up somewhere else. Try Manage > Reports > All Reports, then scroll down to Canned Reports and click on Requirement Details Report.

You can select a specific badge (at least, I can, for AHG) and see % and req’s completed for everyone in the troop, incomplete and complete. The catch is that it will pull up results for scouts who are no longer at that rank but who completed that badge years ago when they were at that rank. So some filtering may still be necessary with Excel.

Good luck!