Achievements missing from rank achievement printout

I was printing my son’s rank achievements by going to his profile, then choosing tab Achievements, then for each rank I wanted to print I chose Actions then Print, which produced a PDF. When I viewed the PDF on my computer, I saw some things spilling over from one page to the next. The amount that spills over increases with each subsequent page. As a result, when printing a rank with 3 or more pages’ worth of requirements (e.g. Second Class and First Class), an entire achievement gets dropped from the hardcopy. For Second Class, it dropped 8b. For First Class, it dropped 5b.

Hi @LeeAnnHantula,

I’m not able to re-create this problem. For me those awards are on the page when loading the print preview.

Is this error occuring after printing?


David Keener

Yes, it occurs after printing. I have two printers at my house, different manufacturers, and it happens on both.