FIXED: Individual Progress Report printout missing titles for 2016 ranks

I noticed this today as I was printing out individual reports for all our scouts for tonight’s meeting.

If a scout has had a rank upgraded to the 2016 requirements, the line on the rank shows no description or title like it does for the 2015 or previous versions of the rank.

See below for an example:

Hi @JaredHonda,

You are correct. This is confirmed and I have a ticket in for it.

Thank you.

@mlsully2002 I noticed this issue as well. Is there an ETA for the fix to this? If it would help I could write the titles.

This is still a problem. Any indication it will be fixed soon?

It also applies to the Star (2016) and Life (2016) ranks.

Hey guys, looks like Kelsie just fixed this for our Troop on 1/24/2020. I’m assuming all troops using the 2016 achievements would also be fixed.

TT4 has fixed the issue of titles…partially.
Now the titles of requirements are abbreviated and make it harder to read.
Also, it looks like the report is sized for 8.5 by 14 paper instead of standard 8.5 by 11.

That is correct. I am in the process of adding/updating those titles. With TT4 coming out, it got put on the back burner, but I will be resuming work on it this week.

I will let our tech team know about the report sizing issue.

EDIT: The titles for ranks should be fixed now. If you notice one that isn’t, let me know.

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Still looks the same on my end

This looks like an issue with the formatting. Let me talk to our tech team and see what we can do to fix that so it shows up properly.