Achievements not available

When I select Achievements, nothing comes up for me to select (for Jim Russell in SARTI and TSAR).

That’s really weird. I reported this.


Jan '18 - still not working for me or any of our youth members. Need fix ASAP.


I fixed this for your account. I believe the reason this is not working for the youth members is because they are in the system as adult-only certifications. They have to be entered in separately. Should the youth have all the same possible certifications as adults?

Yes, youth should have all the same possible certifications as adults.

It should be working now. If the problem persists, let me know which awards aren’t showing up and I will look into it.

Achievements not working on the TSAR Trooptrack. Can this be fixed quickly?

Achievements not working for Tidewater Search and Rescue. Would you mind taking a look again? Thanks!