User profile Acheivment tab

I have adult users that appear to be a scout somehow…If I open their user profile and look under the Acheivement tab…three are ranking and merit badge options…where other adults do not have anything listed…In addition if you select the start achievement button on the adult/scout, it appears to have service star and varsity where the other adult has Adult awards…please help me understand what went wrong?

It sounds like they were set up as a Scout rather than as an Adult/Parent. I had a few like this and had to delete them and set them up correctly. There may be an easier way, but that was the quickest solution for me.

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Under the profile of the member > Member Details > Basic Info (Edit) > Click Edit > Check if the “Youth” field is checked or not.

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I’ve had this happen to me a few times where the system did not properly transition a youth account into a new one (and youth awards are still listed). Unchecking the “youth” tab, even for improperly-created adult accounts, did not fix the problem.

I filed a bug report but it’s been dormant for a while: Aging out/switching between youth and adult does not change available achievements