Add 7th series of Palms and 8th Bronze and Gold

I know its very unusual to have a scout earn all 23 available palms but why aren’t the 7th series of Palms included and the 8th Bronze and Gold? I have a scout who has earned all 137 merit badges and I can only record up to the 6th Silver Palm award level.

I will get these added as soon as I can! Give me until the end of the week (though it almost certainly won’t take that long) and if you still don’t see them, remind me! :slight_smile:


I still dont see the 7th and 8th palms added. Thanks and have a great week.

I apologize for taking so long to get back to you. Because of the way that Palms are entered into our system, it was not as simple to add them as I initially expected. We are in the process of adding them, but it will take some time. I apologize for the delay and inconvenience in the meantime.


Can I get an update on this? This scout will have his Eagle BOR in about 2 weeks and we have a court of honor in May. Im hoping this may be available for us prior to that so we can synch it all to our local council advancement interface.


Joe Romanski

Still working on this. I apologize. :frowning:

Any idea when this change will go in? Our advancement window for our Court is closing iin 2 weeks.

I know this is likely not the highest priority to get fixed but is it still on the list? Its been 3 months since the last communication. Thank You

It is on the list, yes. Unfortunately, with only one developer, there is only so much he can do and only so quickly. I apologize for the delay. :frowning: