Interactive Rank Book page, suggested change..delete the Eagle Palm links

To be useful to both scout leadership, parents and scouts, the information available here should be clear and concise. With that mindset, your Interactive Rank Book page is needlessly long. Why? Because beyond Eagle rank (a rare event itself) you have eight further selections of the different Eagle Palm awards. I doubt that 1-2% of scouts ever earn even one palm, much less eight! Why clutter up the page with so much information that will almost always read “0% Complete.”

For those very rare scouts who earn Eagle and then earn 5 more merit badges–per Eagle Palm–then you could have a separate link that would take any interested family to a separate Palm page.

While it would be nice to have the page less cluttered - I disagree that the palms should be on a separate page. It’s nice to be able to assign the merit badges to the palms as they are earned and to be able to see those assignments with the other ranks.
We had 4 scouts with palms last year - two of those with Silver.

Hi @MichaelNichols1 and @Amorak,

Thanks for using the Community and I really like this discussion. Before our developers can move forward and consider this idea, I would like to hear a little more from both sides and get a general feel for what would be best for TroopTrack users as a whole.

Thank you both very much for using TroopTrack and respectfully debating the features.

Have a great day!

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